2 tank electric fryer

  • Model f101.
  • Dimension: 600X600X430MM.
  • Volts: 20-240V/50-60HZ.
  • Power: 3.25+3.25KW.
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Soft ice cream machine

Pre-cooling system Provide mix level indicator Three phase and single phase Luxury durable stainless steel Stronger continuous production capability

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Water bottle production line

semi-automatic bottle blowing machine 2 set 1 infrared oven. High-pressure air compressor. molds 0.15 l and molds 0.35l. air filter – air conveyor. washing- filling capping machine. bottle conveyor. auto cap elevator. cap sterilizer – light checker. auto sleeve labeling machine. label shrink tunnel – data code printing. automatic shrink packing machine.

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